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If you are connected with companies that make great Polygon clients, then let’s discuss a partnership. Our potential partners encompass a wide range of entities, including agencies, creative firms, developers, consulting firms, IT firms, investors, marketing agencies, and even prominent influencers. However, our collaboration extends beyond these categories. We are open to working with any company or influential figure that aligns with our value proposition and client profile, provided they share a compatible process and company foundation.
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Our most prevalent partnership model revolves around referrals, where you handle the referring aspect while we take care of the contracting. This type of collaboration maintains a branded relationship rather than a white-label one. We offer highly competitive revenue share and council member discounts, with a primary focus on enhancing your reputation with the companies you refer to us.

Become A Strategic Partner

By joining forces, we can leverage each other's strengths and resources to achieve shared goals and drive mutual growth. This collaboration will allow us to combine our expertise and offerings, expanding our collective capabilities and reaching new heights in the market. Together, we can unlock exciting opportunities, broaden our scope, and create value for our customers while cultivating a strong and prosperous relationship.

Become A Technology Partner

We are thrilled to explore new possibilities and expand our horizons by collaborating with innovative minds like yours! If you have an incredible tech product or service that complements our existing range of offerings, we believe that a partnership could be the perfect way to bring our combined strengths to the forefront of the market.

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